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Welcome to 180 forward

180 forward is a plea.   A hope.   A blog.   An experiment.   An outlet. And hopefully, a Movement

A Disillusioned Environmentalist Searches for Hope

Lets face it, we are in some deep deep trouble.  A changing climate alone will lead to floods, fires, more intense storms, resource shortages, famine, refugee crisis’, and the breaking down of social structures across the globe.  The toxification and denudation of our entire planet may render the Earth virtually uninhabitable soon.  We are losing species at a pace unmatched for hundreds of thousands of years while cancer rates skyrocket in those species which survive (including humans).

But still, the train keeps rolling along down those devastating tracks.  And we keep rolling along with it because that’s just the way life is right?  Wrong.  We have choices.  Humans are not a single minded ant colony fixed on growth and destruction.  We have the capacity to think deeply. Too question.

Or are we that ant colony bent on our own destruction because, collectively at least, we don’t know any other way.  Maybe that train has just become too big and powerful to turn around.  It’s certainly hard to find hope.  It’s hard not to be cynical.  It is, however, unhealthy to be cynical.  It’s no way to live your life.  So we search for hope.

Searching 180 degrees Forward

The concept is simple: We cannot go back. Only forward. But we must do so with a new ecological paradigm. An ecological paradigm which places our global worldview as integrated with the natural world. We are not separate from the ecology which surrounds us. We are part of it in every way and must act like it or, lets face it, we might not be here much longer.

There are ripples. Pockets of people moving forward. Forward on a deep level.  Doing more than just recycling their bottles, buying 7th Generation cloths wash, and doing yoga (although these things are an important part of the equation).  There are people who are doing everything they can to live in ecological harmony with their surroundings.  I want to find these people. Learn their story.  How are they doing it?  Is it scaleable?  Are they happy?

180 Forward begins in Europe


As this needs to be a global movement, why not start with a long planned and dreamt about trip to the ‘old country’.   We will begin autumn of 2015 seeking out people, communities, businesses, organizations, and even governments who are moving our world in a direction 180 degrees Forward.

Hop on Board

The search may take the form of videos, pictures, written musings, guest writers… whatever happens, happens.  I would love for 180 forward to expand to include anyone who wants a voice. Please contribute. Write an article and send it to me.  I’ll post it. Send me videos, music, pictures. Or just comment on what’s here. So, if you like this concept, hop on board.